A prayer for Saving Daylight

Merciful God,

This morning a lot of us are tired. We’d like to think that’s just because Daylight Saving Time took an hour of sleep from us last night, but if we’re honest, we’re tired a lot of the time. We’re tired because we give so much of our time to being busy. We’re busy with our jobs, we’re busy with homework and with housework and with hobbies and goals and all kinds of other activities. 

God, you invented work and creativity and order, and you created us to take part in working and creating and ordering. But you also invented Sabbath rest. Help us to find space in our busy lives to rest so that we can focus on the fact that the value of our lives is not about what we do or what we produce; the value of our life comes from the fact that it is a gift from you. 

God we are tired and we are busy. Help us to be still so that we can connect more deeply with our families. Help us to be still so that we can be more present in the moment with our friends. We are busy, but you are the God who fights for us; help us to be still and know that you are God. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, and in the power of your Holy Spirit we pray. Amen