On the lull

There's been a bit of a lull in the action over here, but rest easy; my resolve to be a more dutiful blogger is making progress over at http://kirchlicheblogmatik.wordpress.com/, where Shedden and I both made a commitment a few weeks ago to blog more regularly, and we've actually followed up on it. Kind of like 11 or so months ago, when we decided to read 5 pages of Barth every day, and we've both actually done it. Evidently when Shedden and I both resolve to do something, we actually follow through. And this is good for me. Reading and writing regularly and with discipline are like eating your intellectual vegetables.

As for this blog, I haven't forgotten. In the meantime, read my thoughts on Wittgenstein and Barth over here: How (not) to speak of Pete Rollins. Or enjoy a conversation about Barth's questionable grammar here: On syntactical courtesy.