Will Willimon on Preaching the Resurrection

Playing catch-up on my blog reading over lunch today, I received a very helpful and timely reminder from Bishop Willimon about the power of the resurrected Christ that we are called to preach and worship every Sunday (but especially in this Eastertide season). The resurrected Christ, and no one else, is our Lord. The quotes speak for themselves:

I once heard a church growth expert declare, “Any church that doesn’t have a pull down video screen will be dead in ten years.” But I believe that better technology does not make sermons work. Lack of technology cannot kill a church. Only God can kill a church. Only a living Christ can make our sermons speak to a new generation.

Then he brings it home:

I don't preach Jesus' story in the light of my experience, as some sort of helpful symbol or myth which is helpfully illumined by my own story of struggle and triumph. Rather, I am invited by Easter to interpret my story in the light of God's triumph in the resurrection. I really don’t have a story, I don’t know the significance of my little life, until I read my story and view my life through the lens of cross and resurrection. One of the things that occurs in the weekly preaching of the gospel is to lay the gospel story over our stories and reread our lives in the light of what is real now that crucified Jesus has been raised from the dead.

Read the whole thing here.